We at Multi Fish Lanka offer our clients a very nice selection of Sri Lankan brackish water fish. A brackish water aquarium is an aquarium where the water is brackish (semi-salty). Keeping brackish water aquaria is a popular specialization within the fishkeeping hobby. Many species of fish traded as freshwater species actually do better in brackish water, for example mollies and some cichlids such as chromides. There are also several popular species traded purely as brackish water fish, including monos spp, scats, and various species of pufferfish, goby. All our brackish water fish are hand collected and quarantined and conditioned before shipping.  
Name Silver Chomide
Scientific Name Etroplus Suratensis
Available Sizes  
Name Orange Chromide
Scientific Name Etroplus Maculatus
Available Sizes  
Name Ceylon Angle

Scientific Name Monodactylus Argenteus
Available Sizes M / L / XL
Name Brown Puffer
Scientific Name Tetrodon Cutcutia
Available Sizes  
Name Green Puffer
Scientific Name Tetrodon Fluvitilis
Available Sizes  
Name Red Scat
Scientific Name Scatophagus, Rubifrons
Available Sizes SM / M
Name Green Scat
Scientific Name Scatophagus, Argus
Available Sizes SM / M
Name Pipe Fish- Long Nose
Scientific Name Sygnathus sp
Available Sizes M / L / XL
Name Mud Skipper
Scientific Name Periophtalmus
Available Sizes ML
Name Brown Goby
Scientific Name Eleotris Fusca
Available Sizes M
Name Spotted Goby
Scientific Name Mugligobius
Available Sizes M


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