Terms and Conditions  

All prices are quoted in unit of US Dollars based on the prevailing exchange rate and do not include freight charges. Freight charges are quoted separately. Prices of every product can be changed any time without notice and will be advised in our next offer or new stock/price list

Account No : 3418760 Account No : 40674012
Bank of Ceylon Supergrade Branch, Dalada Veediya,
Sri Lanka.
Hatton National Bank Ltd, Gampola Branch, Kandy Road, Gampola,
Sri Lanka.

Sizes are estimated as accurately as possible in centimeters whenever possible.


All live stocks are carefully selected and assured to be free from diseases prior to shipment through our tank quarantine procedures.


All the fish are packed in pressurized and oxygenated double polyurethane plastic bags inside Styrofoam boxes, followed with corrugated box sealed with appropriate markings of shipment details

Box Information

Type of Box Dimension Approximate Weight
Standard Box 42cm x 38cm x 32cm. 14 Kgs - 14.5 Kgs

In order to make no waste in bags we will not feed the fish within the two days prior to the shipping.
The packing densities listed on the stock list are only indications for fish packed to endure flight duration excluding unforeseen delays during transit


The order unit is the standard box and the minimum box quantity that you can order is 1/4 box, so you can order 0.25 Box, 0.50 Box, 1 Box, 1.5 Boxes, 2.00 Boxes, etc. simple of a fish species.

The minimum order is 100 kg, that is about 08 boxes because the airlines will calculate the freight cost having 100 kg as the minimum chargeable weight.


We can furnish the following certificates and endorsements upon your request.

  • Health Certificates for fish
  • Certificates of Origin for fish and plants
  • Phytosanitary Certification for plants

We can send your shipment immediately on the first available flight provided space booking can be obtained from the airlines concerned. Freight charges on prepaid shipments must be arranged in advance.


For new customers, we strictly require 100% advance payment by T.T (Telegraphic Transfer) only or C.O.D if such is available through a cargo forwarding agent. Other payment terms may be negotiated once regular business is established. Personal or company cheque and Letter of Credit (L.C) are not acceptable.


We guarantee all live arrivals and will replace normal casualty. Compensation for D.O.A is at our discretion and we must be informed within 24 hours of you receiving shipment. For mortality above 10%, carrier must be notified upon clearance by filling up a bad order/discrepancy notification form for verification. No claims will be accepted for transshipments and special offers.

Photographic evidence of any DOA may be required and must be submitted to us by email for verification and acknowledgement as soon as they’re requested. We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail of the DOA reported. If the pictures don’t show clearly the quantity, the DOA claim will not be accepted. Our guarantee does not cover the shipping cost, applicable packing charge or required documents.

Losses due to carrier delay or mishandling must be filed with the airline. If no airline claim is filed you will not be entitled to their credit and we will demand full payment of the invoice .


Transaction Documents
All transaction documents must be stamped and signed by the authorized personnel of the companies for validation as legal binding documents in all transactions.



  USD ($)
Packing Charge per box 8.00
Documentation & Handling Charges per Shipment 75.00
For plants Phytosanitary Certification Charge 7.50
For shipments via Franckfurt, inspection Charge 65.00



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